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Research and Development

The Research & Development activities at Shilpa Medicare are designed to be carried out in full compliance to sound Intellectual Property principles in vogue. The product pipeline and patent portfolio management is efficiently harmonized and overseen by the Intellectual Property Management & Legal Affairs Cell.

We are committed to scale up productivity of our business continuously, marked by a quest for seeding potential opportunities, apparently latent, with speed and application as evidenced by filing close to 250 patents (applications) in IN/PCT and other nations like AU,CA,US, EP, JP and NZ, reiterating our track record of innovations and patent filings.

While we protect our IP credentials with stringent benchmarks, due diligence precedes before ours’ conceding authentic and valid IP rights of competitors. It is paramount at Shilpa’s that products with valid patents are available only on R & D scale and on no account offered for commercial activities as mandated under the provisions of the Indian Patent (Amendments) Act, 2016.

While being highly competitive, we are also open for assigning, licensing, cross-licensing and entering into collaborations with respect to our Intellectual Property assets, at mutually agreeable terms and conditions.

Driving innovation and maximizing value through its operations, Shilpa Medicare is a proud recipient of the prestigious IPM awards namely:

  • Pharmexcil Patent Award 2014-15-Certificate of Appreciation-Bulk Drugs/APIs category
  • Pharmexcil Patent Award 2015-16- Patent Award Silver -Bulk Drugs/APIs category
Raichur R & D Unit