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Biologics - Research & Development Centre, Hubli

Biologics now constitute about 27% of prescription pharma sales, while biologics share within the top 100 drugs is ~50%! – showcasing the effectiveness of these drugs, whose target markets are – oncology, Autoimmune disorders, haematology and diabetes. Within this, biosimilars opportunity is the next growth driver for the generic market.

Shilpa Medicare Ltd, through its Biologics Research & Development centre in Hubli-Dharwad area is well poised to tap into this opportunity.

The biologics Research & Development platform focusses on the following –

  • Metabolic pathway engineering of cells to enable them to produce more protein per cell
  • High density fermentation process development that can bring down the cost of production significantly
  • High throughput protein characterization engine to reduce the time for development.

The unit has currently several biosimilars (Monoclonal antibodies (MAbs), fusion proteins and glycoproteins) and one novel biologic in its pipeline.

The current Research & Development infrastructure include Clone and bioassay development platforms, high throughput multi parallel fermentation units, conventional and continuous chromatography units, high end/high throughput analytical platform, and formulation development engine.

Shilpa Medicare Ltd, Biologics unit aggressively targets IP opportunities to ring fence its technology development programs, while pursuing IP in-licensing opportunities to further speed up its time to market. The technologies developed at this unit have been recognised by the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India as amongst the most innovative in the country.

The Biologics SBU is also part funded by the National Biopharma Mission to Setup a world class, flexible cGMP Biologics Pilot facility catering to Clinical Grade Drug Substance and Drug Product requirements of customers for Human Clinical Trials and early commercial batches. This facility is in compliance EHRMP requirements of the NBM program. This new facility helps bridge the gap between R&D and large scale GMP manufacturing requirements of most biopharma customers

We actively look for -

  • Long term, strategic Research & Development and commercialisation partnerships with global pharmaceutical companies.
  • Start-ups interested in co-developing their leads & molecules with us -may contact us at