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Generic Peptides

We are well equipped manufacturing facility with the cGMP compliance for the manufacturing of generic peptides at Raichur. We combined Medium to large-scale peptide production capabilities also include Multiple SPPS reactors, Microwave synthesizer, preparative HPLC, Lyophilization equipment, as well as proprietary peptide precipitation know-how for cost effective final-step peptide isolation. Additionally, provides expertise in scaling complex peptides with multiple disulfide bridges or particularly longer sequenced Peptides. At present we are ready with the manufacturing process of the Generic Peptides for instances Desmopressin Acetate, Octreotide Acetate, Liraglutide and Leuprolide Acetate.

Our future projections for the generic peptides based on the requirement which are under process development at our well-equipped R&D facility are Semaglutide, Teriparatide, Vasopressin Acetate, Plecanatide etc.

We are specialized in developing highly efficient manufacturing processes for peptide-based APIs and also partners with generic drug companies to develop generic peptide drugs for established commercial markets around the world.